We Recently Won $250,000, $140,000 & $100,000 in Auto Accident Cases

Having an experienced truck accident attorney dedicated to handling your case can significantly improve your chances of receiving all the compensation you are due. Your injuries, loss of work, medical bills and emotional distress have to all be accounted for. A formidable injury attorney can handle negotiations with insurance companies, secure large settlements and protect your rights overall. Don’t allow greedy insurance companies to take advantage of you. Contact us for help. When you need a highly qualified Douglasville truck accident attorney, call The Foster Firm.

Truck Accident Attorney In Douglasville, GA

Even the most careful driver can become the victim of a truck driver’s negligence. The sheer size of their rig leaves you in a very vulnerable predicament. Truck drivers are under constant pressure to travel long distances in short periods of time. This leaves many of them driving drowsy on the road. This puts other drivers at great risk. When you are hurt by a semi-truck or tractor-trailer, call The Foster Firm immediately. Our team has substantial experience with these types of claims. As a trusted truck accident attorney in Douglasville, we never charge a dime unless we WIN your case. 

Need An Experienced Semi Truck Accident Lawyer In Douglasville?

Our accomplished and experienced semi-truck accident lawyers in Douglasville take a very aggressive approach to your recovery efforts. Our personalized service is professional, caring, and effective. With years of experience handling semi truck cases, we have the insight and prowess to fight for your rights and win your case. Contact us for a free consultation.