Auto Accidents Related to Poor Weather

If you live anywhere near Atlanta, we all know how hazardous Atlanta’s roadways become with any precipitation, mainly because Georgians don’t know how to drive well in inclement weather. Driving in bad weather conditions is sometimes unavoidable and can lead to many dangerous accidents.

Practicing defensive and safe driving can prevent some wrecks, though you have no control over other drivers’ recklessness. If someone else does not practice safe driving and crashes into your vehicle during wet, snowy, or icy conditions, you should hire a poor-weather accident attorney to help you seek compensation.

At The Foster Firm, we aim to protect our clients’ rights to the fullest of our abilities. You shouldn’t have to suffer because of someone else’s poor judgment. We want to help you fight for financial compensation so that you can heal and move on.

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Hazardous Weather Conditions in Georgia

Given Georgia’s geographical position and climate, many native drivers do not have enough experience dealing with certain hazardous conditions, like snow and ice. When this weather does come, the likelihood of crashes increases.

In Georgia, you should always prepare for the following poor weather conditions:

  • Rain: Heavy downpours block your visibility, render your headlights useless, and can cause you to hydroplane due to the lack of traction. To avoid these accidents, you should practice extra caution, slow down, keep your hands steady on the wheel when hydroplaning, avoid sharp turns, and pull over if you cannot see.
  • Snow, sleet, and ice: When water freezes on the road for any reason, you face high swerving risks, especially since black ice is hard to see. You should avoid driving during such conditions as much as possible.
  • Fog: Fog also inhibits your vision and can create huge traffic pile-ups that you don’t see coming. When driving in the fog, move slowly and pull over if you cannot see ahead of you.
  • Extreme winds: Winds can push your car off the road, cut out traffic lights, blow debris into the street, and damage your visibility by blowing dust and dirt. Practice extra care when driving in heavy winds.

When Another Driver Causes an Accident During Bad Weather

If someone else crashes into your car during adverse weather conditions, you should treat the situation like any other crash. You may find evidence of negligence that constitutes a claim.

You should:

  • Pull your car over
  • Call 911 to create a police report
  • Seek medical attention for your injuries
  • Take photos of the scene
  • Ask around for witnesses
  • Collect contact information
  • Call us at The Foster Firm to consult with our poor-weather accident attorney

Creating a Claim

While the weather can cause some accidents, it’s not always the only cause. Accident victims may seek compensation if they can prove that the other driver acted recklessly (like speeding in the rain) and directly caused the car crash.

Accident victims face challenges when proving fault during hazardous weather damage claims since the liable party likely will claim that the weather caused the accident, not their own actions. At The Foster Firm, we deal with these sorts of cases all of the time and know exactly how to gather the right evidence to combat false statements.

We will discuss your case, collect evidence, determine fault, and fight for you to seek compensation for your property damage, injuries, and other financial sufferings.

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