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We Recently Won a $375,000, $225,000 & $150,000 in Slip & Fall Cases
and $180,000 & $115,000 Slip & Fall Settlements
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“The Foster Firm did what another firm could not do. I am very grateful that the Foster Firm was able to take my case that a previous lawyer neglected and not only cleaned up the mess that was made, they also turned it around giving me sound advice, great service and an even better settlement.”   –Jasmine McMillan

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Personal Injury Lawsuits & Settlements

If you have sustained an injury through the negligent acts or omissions of another, the insurance companies and big corporations already have their lawyers working on your case. You should take immediate action too. We specialize in personal injury lawsuits & settlements. The Foster Firm stands ready to help. Call our firm to arrange your complimentary consultation. There are no attorney's fees until you are compensated for your loss. Also, we will advance all costs in prosecuting your personal injury claim. We will never ask you to pay us any amount of money to handle your personal injury claim until your claim is settled. Call The Foster Firm for your personal injury lawsuits and settlements.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury involving a car accident, premises liability, slip and fall, burn injury, dog bites, motorcycle injury, truck accidents, bicycle accidents, or any other type of injury, please contact us. We are standing ready to help you right now! As an experienced personal injury attorney in Atlanta, we help victims and their families obtain monetary settlements for their pain suffering, lost wages and medical expenses. Through our aggressive representation and preparation, in most cases we are able to obtain favorable settlements outside of the courtroom, making the experience less stressful for our clients. Attorney Keith Foster is a College Park personal injury attorney who is an aggressive trial attorney with over 19 years experience. We will fight to get you the money you deserve! 

Have Criminal charges pending? Thousands of people are unfairly convicted of crimes. Why? Because the system puts you at a disadvantage. You are up against experienced, government funded prosecutors and juries that are eager to assume guilt. Without deep pockets and the right connections, most people simply cannot mount an adequate defense. If you have been accused of a crime you need to immediately find a College Park criminal defense attorney you can trust. From the moment you were arrested, your future became very uncertain. Our criminal defense can help you now. We offer a Free Initial Consultation. After your consultation we can assess your situation, provide legal advice on your options, and discuss what you may expect to happen in the near future. Keith Foster is criminal defense attorney and a former Fulton County Senior Assistant District Attorney with experience that is bolstered by positive working relationships with local prosecutors and judges. This often enables criminal cases to be resolved without going to trial where you would otherwise face an unpredictable jury and public scrutiny. Our criminal practice includes without limitation drug-related offenses, weapons charges, rape, murder fraud and robbery case. We have extensive experience with felony and misdemeanor cases. The Foster Firm works on the side of our clients.  

It is our goal to fight and fully assist every person who comes to us for legal help. Please contact us today at 404-559-8325 to schedule your free consultation. We are College Park’s preferred criminal defense and personal injury attorneys.

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