We are a top dog bite attorney in Douglasville, GA. The Foster Firm understands the severity of animal attacks. The physical, emotional, and psychological trauma is very real. Our legal team will review your dog bite or animal attack case at no charge to you. Dog bites can range from a small nip to fatal attacks. Many victims suffer permanent damage and scarring after a dog attack. Our personal injury firm has years of experience and can help you with your case. When you need an aggressive dog bite attorney in Douglasville, call The Foster Firm.

Dog Bite Lawsuit

There are so many factors to consider when it comes to your dog bite lawsuit. We carefully consider all of them. We take every factor and detail in consideration and thoroughly investigate. We always ask:

  • Does the dog have a history of biting?
  • Was the owner negligent in securing the dog?
  • Were leash laws broken?
  • Does the owner have insurance to cover the dog bite?

These questions and many more must be answered in order to set the stage for success in your dog bite case. Dog owners must be held responsible when their animal harms you or someone else. You have rights, and we will work nonstop to protect them. At The Foster Firm, we fight with everything we have to win your dog bite lawsuit. 

Animal Attack Lawyer In Douglasville, GA

If you are attacked and hurt by any type of pet, including a dog, cat, bird, reptile or spider, The Foster Firm can handle your case. Vicious, uncontrolled dogs or pets are a public menace. Irresponsible dog owners have to be held fully accountable. We have helped many families rebuild their lives after serious injuries disrupt them. If you have sustained a serious dog bite injury, you may have legal options to seek full compensation. You need an experienced animal attack lawyer in Douglasville to protect your rights.