Wrongful Death Lawsuits & Settlements

Losing a loved one, especially in wrongful death situations, is one of the worst events that can happen to a person. This is especially true because these incidents could have been easily avoided in most “wrongful death” cases. The last thing that grieving family members want to do after the loss of a loved one is fight with an insurance company or investigate the incidents that may have caused the death. Let our team help and guide you while you focus on healing. Choose a compassionate wrongful death attorney in College Park, GA. 

Our team is very experienced when it comes to wrongful death lawsuits and settlements. A legal cause of action for wrongful death may exist when a person dies due to the negligence of another. Such a situation may arise in a number of different contexts. Wrongful Death Acts may be defined as any of the following examples:

  • A negligent or careless act such as a negligent driver
  • A motor vehicle/trucking accident
  • Defective automobile, tractor, or truck
  • A reckless act by another person
  • An intentional act such as a deliberate murder or an assault and/or battery
  • A death in the course of another crime
  • A death during a medical operation, the neglect of a doctor, hospital or nursing home
  • Defective drugs or medication
  • A company’s negligence in the enforcement of Safety Regulations
  • Faulty equipment or tools
  • A property owner who fails to meet Safety Regulations

The loss of a loved one brings many unfortunate consequences on the survivors. The grief experienced after the loss of companionship of a father, mother, or child is something that cannot be measured in terms of dollars or damages. However, in some circumstances, it is appropriate for the wife, husband, parents, or children to seek damages for the wrongful death of a loved one. Our team has won millions of dollars for our clients. Contact us to discuss your wrongful death lawsuit or settlement.

Wrongful Death Lawyer in College Park

It is vitally important to preserve evidence in a wrongful death case. Whether it is a part from a tool, an automobile, medical records, pill bottles, or other evidence, it should be preserved with the services of qualified legal counsel. The collection and preservation of evidence is an important step in protecting the rights of those who may have a wrongful death case. The Foster Firm attorneys are best suited to assist you with the initial investigation of events surrounding the incident that you believe may constitute a wrongful death. You need an experienced wrongful death lawyer in College Park who you can trust. Contact us for a free consultation.