Losing a loved one is an unbelievable tragedy, especially if it could have been prevented. Georgia laws state that certain family members can recover damages for the death of a loved one caused by the wrongful act of another. After the sudden loss of a beloved family member, the survivors can be left reeling and in financial turmoil. It is so important that you recover the income that the person who died would have earned. You need a knowledgeable and involved lawyer to help you through. Contact The Foster Firm if you want a compassionate wrongful death attorney in Douglasville, GA who will fight for your family. 

Douglasville Wrongful Death Lawyer

When you need a trusted Douglasville wrongful death lawyer, choose The Foster Firm. After this type of tragedy, you should have an attorney who thoroughly understands the legal scope of what happened. The compensation you are entitled to can reflect both past and future emotional suffering and financial losses. Survivors can also recover damages for the loss of the love, care, affection, companionship, and other pleasures of the family relationship that are lost. Wrongful Death Acts may be defined as any of the following examples:

  • A negligent or careless act such as a negligent driver
  • A motor vehicle/trucking accident
  • Defective automobile, tractor, or truck
  • A reckless act by another person
  • An intentional act such as a deliberate murder or an assault and/or battery
  • A death in the course of another crime
  • A death during a medical operation, the neglect of a doctor, hospital or nursing home
  • Defective drugs or medication
  • A company’s negligence in the enforcement of Safety Regulations
  • Faulty equipment or tools
  • A property owner who fails to meet Safety Regulations

Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A wrongful death lawsuit is a terribly serious matter. Wrongful death can result from the negligent conduct or careless action of another party. These parties may be an impaired motorist, negligent doctor or nurse, an inattentive employer, or an irresponsible manufacturer. Those entitled to be compensated should be. The remaining family members depend on this compensation to try and begin to put their lives back together. If you have suffered the loss of a loved one due to the negligence of another person or entity, contact The Foster Firm. Our attorneys are highly capable and well-suited to assist you with every stage of your case. You need a skilled lawyer you can trust to handle your wrongful death lawsuit.