The Foster Firm understands the importance of ensuring that everyone we serve receives equal attention to their cases and needs. As an African-American-owned firm, we recognize the importance of recruiting, retaining, and promoting legal professionals of color, women, and members of other groups traditionally underrepresented in law firms to ensure that we can serve people of all ethnicities and backgrounds, including LGBTQ+, Asian and Hispanic communities.

We believe that justice and fairness are fundamental rights of ALL people. Whether you are involved in a car accident, fall while shopping, are injured in your apartment, or experience police misconduct, we are here to help.

We believe that to truly understand our clients’ needs, we must be involved in the community that we serve. We strive to help you resolve your legal matter, whether or not we are the right firm for you. Our connections to the community are what matter most.

The Foster Firm works hard to help as many people as possible and to provide the highest quality legal representation to every client.