Bicycle Accident Attorney In College Park, GA

Our firm handles bicycle & motorcycle accident cases in Metro Atlanta. So many injuries happen every month that involve cyclists. Many of them end with serious, long term injuries. This is why it is so crucial to have an attorney who understands the full scope of rights you have as a cyclist. It’s imperative to your recovery that you have proper legal representation. We are experienced injury attorneys who will stop at nothing less than full protection of all of your rights. We work endlessly to ensure that you receive total compensation for your damages, loss of income and injuries. When you need an aggressive bicycle & motorcycle accident attorney in College Park, call The Foster Firm.

Busy Georgia roads and highways can be frightening for bicyclists. Even when you take every precaution and safety measure, you can still end up injured in a bicycle accident. Then comes with great worry, pain and medical bills too. Who is going to pay? How will you get back on your feet? The last thing you want is to be taken advantage of by an insurance company. This is where The Foster Firm steps in on your behalf. If you don’t protect your rights, you may not be able to make a claim or you may be severely under-compensated. Insurance companies have attorneys and adjusters whose goal is to pay you as little as possible. You need an experienced College Park bicycle accident attorney with PROVEN RESULTS to fight for you. 

Motorcycle Accident Attorney In College Park, GA

At The Foster Firm, we understand the seriousness of motorcycle accidents. For most bikers, riding motorcycles is not a hobby, but a way of life. Still, many cars and trucks don’t give you the respect you deserve on the road. You are fully due the freedom to enjoy the road safely and securely. So when the worst does happen, you need to protect yourself. A horrific motorcycle accident can leave you terribly hurt and in tremendous pain. This may have you feeling trapped, alone and frustrated. We work with bikers throughout Metro Atlanta to help them win their cases and get all the compensation they are due. Let us help you find your way out of what can be a very bad situation. We are trusted motorcycle accident attorneys in College Park, GA. 

We Handle Injury Claims for Victims of Motorcycle, Bike, Moped, Scooter, & 3 Wheeler Accidents

We focus on helping our clients recovery financially and physically. We pursue maximum compensation after serious injuries resulting from motorcycle, bike, moped, scooter, and 3-wheeler accidents. Contact our team today to discuss your case. There are never fees unless you win your case.