Anyone who works in construction knows that the job can be dangerous. However, sometimes construction workers experience injuries due to another party’s negligence. 

If you’ve been a victim of a construction accident, you know the pain and trauma these incidents can cause. Receiving adequate compensation and punitive damages from the liable party can help you move forward following this stressful accident. 

At The Foster Firm, we have helped numerous construction accident victims like you across Georgia receive compensation for their injuries and other damages. Contact us today to speak with a qualified College Park construction accident lawyer about your case. 

Common Types of Construction Accidents

Construction work often involves dangerous equipment and working conditions. As a result, when construction managers fail to exercise proper care, accidents can abound on their worksites. 

Here are a few of the most common types of construction accidents:

  • Machinery failures: Construction managers need to inspect and maintain all equipment, machinery, and scaffolding to ensure that they remain safe for workers and do not pose any hazards. 
  • Falls: Construction workers should have access to adequate safety gear to prevent injuries from falls.
  • Road accidents: Construction projects near roadways should utilize the proper signage to alert drivers of hazards. Construction managers should oversee roadway construction to ensure the safety of all workers.
  • Falling objects: Construction workers should have access to hard hats and other safety gear to protect them against falling objects.

These accidents can cause injuries ranging from mild to severe. In some cases, construction accidents can cause fatalities. 

Who Is Responsible for Construction Accidents? 

Liability in construction accidents can be challenging to prove. In general, construction managers and company owners are responsible for creating safe work environments for their employees. If these individuals acted negligently, causing the accident, they would be accountable for the damages. 

However, construction work often necessitates that employees work in dangerous environments and use tools and equipment that, if mishandled, could cause severe injuries. For example, if an employee misuses a chainsaw and injures themself, the construction manager may not be responsible for this injury. 

Because construction accident cases can be complex and fault can be challenging to identify, you may benefit from hiring an attorney to assist you. At The Foster Firm, our attorneys have the experience necessary to review your case and determine whether you have grounds for a personal injury claim or lawsuit. 

Types of Construction Accident Claims

Construction accidents can create grounds for several types of claims and lawsuits. Here are a few claim categories your construction accident may fall under: 

Workers’ Compensation

The most common type of construction accident claim is a workers’ compensation claim. All construction companies should have workers’ compensation insurance in place. This insurance can provide funds when workers become injured or experience other damages on the job. 

In many cases, in order for employees to receive workers’ compensation coverage, they must forfeit the right to hold construction managers liable for their injuries. Our team can help you determine whether filing a workers’ comp claim makes sense for your case. 

Personal Injury

Construction accidents can also create grounds for personal injury claims. In a personal injury claim, an individual’s negligence causes or directly leads to someone’s injuries. For example, if a driver hits you while you’re working on a construction site, they may be financially responsible for your comp settlement. 

Hiring a personal injury lawyer to assist you throughout your construction accident claim is essential to maximizing your compensation claim. 

Product Liability

Construction accidents can also occur when a product malfunctions. For example, an injury could occur if an excavator malfunctions and the dipper controls fail. In this case, the company that manufactured the excavator could be liable for any damages. 

Premises Liability

Construction accidents can also create cause for premises liability claims. These claims can arise when a property owner fails to create a safe environment for visitors. In the case of construction accidents, the construction manager may breach their responsibility to create a safe worksite for employees, leaving them liable for accidents. 

Construction accidents can be multifaceted, and liability is not always clear. If you’ve recently experienced a construction accident, contact our Foster Firm lawyers today at 404-559-8325 for assistance.