November 21, 2023

What Evidence Is Crucial in Building a Strong Slip and Fall Case in Georgia?

You need to find an attorney that knows what factors are crucial in building a slip and fall case in Georgia.
Number one: take pictures. Take pictures of the obstruction that caused you to fall, before you call management, because often one of the tricks that the managers know to do is to clean the obstruction and then take pictures.
Number two: call management. When you call management, if there is video, they will clip the video of the fall to send to insurance. The surveillance video is often recorded over, after a day or two. If you don’t report it and they don’t preserve it on the first day, you run the risk of losing the video altogether.
Number three: Describe the fall. You must, in Georgia, be able to describe what caused you to fall. This is the difference between winning your case and losing your case.

Those are the three crucial pieces of evidence that you need when building a slip and fall case in Georgia. If you have fallen in a store or a restaurant or a commercial building, please give us a call. Contact The Foster Firm at 404-559-8325 or visit our website at