December 27, 2023

What Are the Differences in Filing a Claim for a Single-Car vs. Multi-Car Accident in Georgia?

Accidents involving just one car are fairly simple. One person may be liable for causing the accident, which means their insurance company compensates the victim. Accidents in which multiple vehicles are involved are another story entirely.

Who is at fault in a multi-car crash? Did more than one car hit you? If so, whose insurance company will pay you? A Georgia car accident attorney answers these questions below.

Single-Car vs. Multi-Car Accidents

Understanding how single-car crashes differ from accidents involving more than one vehicle may be helpful. First, let’s look at what can cause a single-car accident. Some common causes include:

  • Driving while drowsy and dozing off at the wheel
  • Poor road conditions, such as loose gravel and potholes
  • Driving in areas that aren’t well lit
  • Lack of adequate road signage
  • Bad weather
  • Mechanical failures

Multi-car accidents, on the other hand, may involve several different variables. For instance, let’s say a driver is following too closely behind another car. Suddenly, a third car aggressively switches lanes and zips in front of the first vehicle, causing the driver to slam on their brakes. The tailgater doesn’t have enough time to stop, so they crash into the back of the car in front of them.

In a single-car accident, you may be able to make a claim with another driver’s insurance if they were liable for your crash. But if you’ve had a multi-car accident, you may be unsure which driver to file a claim against.

Who Pays for Multi-Car Accidents?

Typically, the driver who caused the initial impact will have the majority (if not all of) the fault for the accident. That means you would most likely make a claim with their insurance company.

But other drivers may share some of the blame. In that case, you could go after their insurance companies for a settlement offer, which might include medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

However, it can be difficult to make insurance companies pay up. For instance, an insurer might refuse to pay because it says the accident was someone else’s fault. So, you go to that person’s insurance company, but they also shift the blame to someone else. 

As a car accident victim, this can be frustrating. You are in pain, may be forced to stay home from work, and just want someone to take responsibility.

If an insurance company is giving you the runaround, reach out to a Georgia car accident attorney at The Foster Firm. We have experience dealing with this exact situation and can negotiate with insurance companies to achieve a settlement for you.

Understanding Comparative Fault in Georgia Accidents

Georgia follows modified comparative negligence rules, which means you can’t recover compensation for an accident if you’re more than 50% at fault. In an accident where multiple cars are involved, this can quickly become very complicated.

For instance, how do you determine liability if a driver zoomed in front of you, which caused you to swerve and sideswipe another vehicle? One driver could be 30% at fault, another 20%, and so on.

A good lawyer will be able to determine who’s responsible for the crash so you can seek justice.

Call an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Now

If you’ve had a multi-car accident, one of the smartest things you can do is reach out to a Georgia car accident attorney right away. The Georgia statute of limitations gives you a mere two years to make a claim against another driver.

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