November 14, 2023

What Are Some Lesser-Known Factors that Can Contribute to Bathroom Slip & Fall Accidents in Georgia?

What are some of the lesser known factors for slip and fall accidents in bathrooms, often in restaurants or business establishments? The number one factor is poor staffing. Next is poor maintenance. Then there are employees who do the work poorly. One of the lesser known reasons why you might slip and fall in the bathroom over something that’s left on the floor is because that bathroom hasn’t been cleaned in hours or sometimes even days. If the bathroom was filthy, you let The Foster Firm know what time the accident happened. We will ask for the camera that covered the bathroom for the 24 hours prior to the accident. When no maintenance person cleaned that bathroom during that time, that’s poor staffing. The next factor is poor maintenance. Poor maintenance often refers to leaks that were not fixed. So poor maintenance is a lesser known factor for slip and falls and bathrooms in Georgia. And finally, some employees just don’t do the job well. I had a case of a slip and fall in a well-known chain restaurant in Georgia. The gentleman cleaned up grease in the kitchen with the mop and then he went to mop the bathroom with the same mop that had grease on it, so the bathroom was an ice skating rink because all he had done was spread grease and water on the floor. So that was a case of employees doing the work poorly.

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