September 8, 2021

Tips to Help Reduce the Risks of Your Dog Biting Someone

For many of us, dogs are truly man’s best friend. Dogs can be gentle, kind, fun, and loyal companions. Still, they are animals that are often ruled by instincts. This means that dog owners have to be responsible and vigilant. Dog bites are very common in Georgia and can cause serious injury and even death. So protecting both your dog and the people around your dog is paramount.

Here are 3 tips to help reduce the risk of your dog biting someone.

1. Always Keep Your Dog On A Leash Outdoors

If you have a well-trained dog, it can be very tempting to allow your dog to roam free in the yard. This temptation must be avoided. You never know what may spook your dog which may lead them to act out of character. Dog owners must also understand that most passersby do not know your dog and may be very frightened at the sight of a loose dog. Someone may injure themselves just trying to get away from your dog, whether your dog is an immediate threat or not. Having your dog on a leash keeps you in control and makes others feel safer.

2. Properly Socialize Your Dog

Socializing your dog is key. Socialize your dog early on and in stages that meet their comfort level. The American Veterinary Association points out the following.

Socialization is a good way to help prevent your dog from biting. Socializing your pet helps your dog feel at ease in different situations. By introducing your dog to people and other animals while it’s a puppy, it feels more comfortable in different situations as it gets older.

3. Train Your Dog

Untrained dogs can be hard to control and very unpredictable. Quality dog training can be worth the investment. There is also a wide range of free information online to help dog owners train their pets. Talking to your veterinarian may be a good idea as well. They may be able to point you and your dog in the right direction when it comes to training and reducing unwanted behaviors.

Liability and Dog Bites

The liability involved with a serious dog bite can be steep. As a pet owner, you are responsible for your dog’s behavior and any injuries they may cause to someone. If you are the victim of a serious dog bite, it is important to get medical attention immediately and seek appropriate legal counsel. The Foster Firm attorneys will review your dog bite case at no charge to you. We have helped clients receive the verdicts and compensation they deserve after a serious dog bite injury. Contact us today.