March 12, 2019

The Foster Firm Recently Won $250,000 & $100,000 in Auto Accident Cases

Top Car Accident Attorneys in College Park

We are proud to announce that The Foster Firm recently won $250,000 & $100,000 in auto accident cases. As top car accident attorneys in College Park, we know how to fight and we know how to win. We know all of the ins and outs of Georgia law so that we can present the strongest case possible for our clients.

Why You Need An Auto Accident Lawyer?

Driving in Georgia can be a dangerous business and when you are hurt in an accident having an experienced lawyer can make a world of difference. According to the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety 2017 Annual Report, “In 2016, the State of Georgia suffered 1,554 fatalities in motor vehicle crashes (an 8.5% increase from 2015). Impaired driving killed 368 persons in those crashes (a 2.7% increase over 2015). ” These statistics are extremely alarming, to say the least.

The high number of fatal crashes is related to so many issues, including distracted driving related to mobile devices, reckless drivers, DUIs, and drivers and passengers not wearing seat belts. The growing population of Metro Atlanta will likely only make these issues worse. You also have to contend with uninsured and underinsured drivers as well.

The serious injuries that can result from a bad auto accident can be catastrophic. This is why you need a tough and skilled auto accident lawyer representing you.

Choose An Experienced Car Accident Attorney

It is critical that you choose an experienced car accident attorney after an auto wreck. Our team understands the whirlwind that happens after an accident. Your injuries, doctor’s appointments, medical bills, and stress can completely overwhelm you. Worrying about the legal implications may be the last thing on your mind. That is where The Foster Firm steps in. Contact us today for a complimentary consultationThere are no fees unless you win.