October 9, 2023

Should I Call The Police If I Am A Passenger In A Rideshare Accident?

You’re riding in a rideshare, minding your own business, texting, talking on the cell phone or whatever you’re doing. When suddenly, you’re in a car accident. What do you do?

Yes, call the police. You also want to do several things. First, make sure that everything is safe before you hop out of the car and start taking pictures. Take pictures inside the car and take pictures of the rideshare and the other car or building or street light or whatever they’ve hit. You want to get all those photos. Make sure that you get the incident number and the police officer’s name. Make sure that you’re listed on the police report as a passenger in the car. Once you’ve done all of those things, go to the doctor. You want to be checked out, make sure that you’re OK. Sometimes, the drivers are not doing the best job, they’re not the best drivers. You’ve got to be careful. Common causes for accidents in rideshares, in addition to it being someone else’s fault, include a rideshare driver being distracted and causing an accident.

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