March 7, 2024

How Do I Prove Negligence After a Georgia Rideshare Accident?

After a typical car accident, the negligent driver assumes liability. But if you were injured in a rideshare accident, another company and their insurer may be involved. This can make proving liability far more complex. 

Understanding Liability and Negligence After a Rideshare Injury Accident

Liability in any car crash boils down to negligence: Which party acted negligently to cause the collision? To prove negligence, you must prove four elements:

· The party owed a duty of care

· The party breached its duty of care

· That breach of duty caused damages

· You directly suffered damages as a result

Proving all four elements in a rideshare accident claim in Georgia is often highly complex. The two main sources that may be liable for rideshare accidents include the rideshare driver or the rideshare company itself. 

The driver could be liable if they acted negligently while driving, like driving recklessly or under the influence. The rideshare company, such as Uber or Lyft, could be liable for numerous reasons, like negligence when hiring a driver. For example, if Uber did not conduct the proper background checks on the driver that caused your accident, you may be able to hold Uber accountable for your damages. 

Proving negligence in either of these scenarios requires evidence of all four elements listed above. Thankfully, your Georgia rideshare attorney can help you locate the liable party and collect evidence supporting your claim.  

Proving Negligence After a Rideshare Injury Accident

If you were injured in a rideshare accident, you must take the right steps to collect evidence for your case. Your Georgia rideshare injury attorney can help you prove negligence, but you must respond to the accident appropriately to build a strong case. We recommend the following:

Seek Medical Attention

You should seek medical attention for any injuries immediately after the accident. If you have serious medical concerns, call 911. If you’re unsure whether you’ve suffered injuries, you should visit a healthcare provider as soon as possible to confirm your diagnosis. 

Gather and Maintain Evidence

Before leaving the accident scene, you want to gather all related evidence to give to your rideshare accident lawyer in Georgia. Evidence may include photos of the accident and injuries from multiple angles, plus screenshots of your rideshare order. 

Collect Information From All Parties

As with any accident, you must collect the contact and insurance information from all involved parties, including the rideshare driver and other drivers involved. While you’re at it, ask for contact information from any potential witnesses on the scene. Your Georgia rideshare attorney will need this as well.

Call the Police

You should report the accident to local authorities if the damages exceed $500. If you were injured or any property was damaged, you can assume the damages exceeded $500. The responding police officers can file a report that may make the process easier for your Georgia Uber accident attorney moving forward. 

Contact an Attorney

Finally, you should find rideshare crash legal help as soon as possible to support your case. An Uber or Lyft injury lawyer in Georgia will represent your financial and legal interests, helping you respond to offers from insurance companies or calls from adjusters.

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