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The Foster Firm Practice Areas

Personal Injury Law

A legal cause of action for personal injury may exist when a person is injured from the negligence of another person or entity. A personal injury case may arise under a variety of different circumstances, and it is imperative that you choose a personal injury lawyer with experience and a record of success to handle your litigation. We can help with Automobile and Motorcycle Accidents, Truck and Tractor-Trailer Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Slip and Fall, Dog Bites, Pedestrian Impact Cases, Products Liability (defective vehicles and defective consumer products) and Prescription Medicine Cases. 

Wrongful Death Law

We are experienced wrongful death attorneys in College Park. Losing a loved one, especially in wrongful death situations, is one of the worst events that can happen to a person. This is especially true because the incidents could have been easily avoided in most "wrongful death" cases. The last thing that grieving family members want to do after the loss of a loved one is fight with an insurance company or investigate the incidents that may have caused the death. 

Criminal Defense Law

We are criminal attorneys in College Park you can depend on. Having us on your side may result in reduced sentences or dismissed charges, rather than a lengthy prison term. Even in less serious cases, it is important to protect your rights and secure strong representation. Our criminal defense includes assault and batter, DUI, drug charges, weapons charges, sex crimes, probation violations, murder, manslaughter, extortion and theft. 
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