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College Park Personal Injury Attorney

We Recently Won a $375,000, $225,000 & $150,000 in Slip & Fall Cases
and $180,000 & $115,000 Slip & Fall Settlements

Do you need an experienced and trusted College Park personal injury attorney? We are standing by to help you win your case. We offer complimentary legal consultations and charge no up front fees to handle your personal injury case. Our passion, knowledge and hard work leads to repeated victories and impressive settlements for our clients. Call us today.  

Personal Injury Attorney In College Park, GA

If you are injured because of the negligence or accidental act of another person or entity, you need an experienced personal injury attorney to represent you. Personal injury claims may include:
  • Automobile, SUV and Motorcycle Accidents
  • Truck and Tractor-Trailer Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Slip and Fall or Tripping Accidents
  • Dog Bites or Pet Attacks
  • Pedestrian Impact Cases
  • Products Liability or Defective Products (defective vehicles and defective consumer products)
  • Prescription Medicine Cases
We are personal injury attorneys that fight hard to get you and your loved ones the compensation your deserve. If you need a personal injury attorney in College Park that you can count on, call us for a free consultation.  

Personal Injury Lawyers In College Park

The Foster Firm works diligently to protect your rights when you are injured because of another’s actions or negligence. Protecting your rights from the moment you are hurt is vital to successfully getting all the compensation your deserve. Our College Park personal injury lawyers specialize in working with you to achieve the best settlement possible. We work on a contingency basis so that you can worry about healing rather than attorney’s fees. 

No matter the source of your injury, auto accident, animal attack, medical malpractice, negligence at any nursing home or a fall of some kind, we are personal injury attorneys in College Park, GA that are committed to preserving your rights. The physical and financial pain and stress that come with a serious injury can be hard to get over. That’s why we show our clients the compassion and patience they need to help them through such a difficult experience. We understand what you’re going through and stick by your side until your are fully compensated for your losses, as well as your pain & suffering. Our priority is to truly really make a difference in the lives of our clients, treating them like family throughout the process. 

If you need trusted personal injury lawyers in College Park, choose The Foster Firm.
We have a proud history of helping those who have been injured because of the negligent actions of another party. Whether you were injured in a car accident, slip & fall, or by a defective product, our legal team can help. Contact College Park Personal Injury Attorneys you can trust... call us for a free consultation. We are here to help!
College Park Personal Injury Lawyer
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