April 22, 2019

Work Zone Injuries in Atlanta

Work zone injuries in Atlanta are an all too common occurrence. National Work Zone Awareness Week was April 8-12. This year’s theme is Drive Like You Work Here. The sheer fact that this week even exists, demonstrates what an important issue it is. Spring and summer months are primetime for an increase in road work and repairs throughout the Metro Atlanta area. This means that drivers need to be even more cautious and careful on our local roads and highways.

Preventing Work Zone Accidents & Injuries

There are many things you can do to help prevent work zone injuries and accidents, including:

Slow Down Your Driving

Drivers should always slow down and be watchful in work zones. You put everyone around you at risk, including yourself, if you speed in a work zone. Also, fines are usually increased for speeding in work zones.

Don’t Drive Distracted

You should never drive distracted anytime, but especially in work zones. Looking away for just a second can result in a serious injury or even a fatality. Always keep your eyes on the road.

Avoid Work Zones When You Can

Sometimes just a little advanced planning can allow you to avoid work zones altogether. Work zones can significantly slow down your route and add increased hazards to your commute. When you can avoid them all together it is best to do so.

Work Zone Injury Attorney College Park

If you are injured in a work zone area in Metro Atlanta, The Foster Firm can help. We work on a contingency basis and always offer free consultations. Whether you are a driver, worker, or innocent bystander, our team can help you protect your rights after a work zone injury. We focus on offering every client-responsive, compassionate and effective representation. As tough work zone injury attorneys in College Park, we are ready to take on your case.