January 10, 2017

Driving Safe In Winter Weather

3 Safety Tips for Driving Safely On Snowy & Icy Roads

For the most part, Georgia’s winters are usually mild, but that does not mean that winter driving is always a piece of cake. The latest round of ice and snow left dangerous road conditions all around Metro Atlanta. Here are 3 safety tips for driving safely on snowy & icy roads:

1. TAKE IT SLOW: Many times ice and slick spots are not visible. The road looks clear so you are tempted to pick up the speed. It is always best to take it nice and slow. This may help you keep your vehicle in control if you do hit an icy patch.

2. TIRE MAINTENANCE: Worn out tires with thin treads can leave you very vulnerable on snowy or icy roads. Be sure to replace your tires regulary and always make sure they have the proper pressure.

3. KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE: You should never tailgate on icy roads. Keep a very safe distance from other vehicles so you have plenty of time to stop in case of an emergency or sliding.