July 4, 2024

What Do I Do If a Georgia Insurance Adjuster Calls Me?

The hours and days after a car accident can be stressful and overwhelming. You may be worried about missing time at work, paying for car repairs, and recovering from an injury if you were hurt.

If an insurance adjuster calls to get the details of your accident, you may feel like talking to them to start the process. But as a trial attorney with more than 25 years experience, I will tell you, if you have been injured, it is always helpful to speak with a lawyer first. Here is more about what to do if an insurance adjuster calls you.

What Does an Insurance Adjuster Do?

Insurance adjusters look into property damage or bodily injury claims to determine how much the insurance company should pay. They will typically do the following:

  • Review your policy and the details of your claim
  • Gather information, including interviewing you and any witnesses, reviewing surveillance footage, reading police reports, and even visiting the scene of the accident
  • Suggest settlement offers to the insurance company for your losses

Whether you are talking to your own insurance company or the other party’s insurer, remember that their goal is the same: to pay you as little as possible. That’s why you should avoid speaking with an insurance adjuster until you talk to an attorney first, no matter which side they represent.

What Should I Not Do When an Insurance Adjuster Calls?

The list of things you should avoid doing when speaking with an insurance adjuster is long. Specifically, Georgia motor vehicle accident attorneys suggest that you not do the following:

Don’t Admit Fault

Resist the urge to overshare with the insurance adjuster. You may think you were partially at fault, but it’s better to let the investigation results speak for themselves. This includes speculation, such as if the representative asks what you think caused the accident or what you could have done differently to avoid it.

Georgia law prohibits you from collecting compensation from the other party if you are 50% or more at fault for the accident. Even if you are less than half to blame, your compensation amount and your percentage of fault will decrease. For example, if you have 30% of the responsibility for an accident, you can only collect 70% of the total damage amount.

Don’t Talk About Your Injuries

Don’t discuss your injuries with the adjuster or even say you feel fine. Some injuries take hours, days, or weeks to appear. The insurance company may use your statements to reduce the value of your claim or deny it outright.

Don’t Agree To Let Them Record you

Don’t give the insurance company a recorded statement, provide a written statement, or sign a medical release without consulting a car accident attorney. This will become part of your file, and the insurer may later use this against you. Instead, decline politely and say you want to speak with an attorney first.

Don’t Accept any Money 

People with bills to pay after an accident may feel tempted to accept any settlement amount their insurer offers. This can be a big mistake. Insurance companies will usually offer you far less than your case deserves.  They tend toward early low-ball offers to make the case disappear.

An experienced personal injury attorney will handle all the negotiations for you. They will aggressively represent your interests, keep you informed of your legal rights, and help you seek a fair settlement for your injuries.

We are not scared to go to court, in fact we love it!

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